About The Project

Water Gender Harmony Games

Coaches can do more than just teach the practice of sport. They can help to ensure that young athletes build healthy relationships with their teammates, they respect opponents and referees and they are ready to oppose any form of violence and abuse.

“Water GHAims Eurocamp” (Gender Harmony Games) is a European project, of Strategic Partnership for Action Sports Erasmus +. The project mainly objective is to support equal opportunities in sport, as an important step toward a cultural change for gender equality. In order to achieve the project’s goals a number of activities will be scheduled throughout the period of 12 months of collaboration


Build healthy relationships, respect opponents and referees, oppose any form of violence and abuse
Support equal opportunities in sport, gender equality


The methodology of the project based on the awareness and active participation and combines cultural and scientific approach, with the application of a GEO (Gender Equality Oriented) pilot system. The GEO project includes:

It have been chosen to target and involve athletes from various sport associations, covering a north to south geographic range of cultures, mid-teens aged between 14 to 18 years, this being a stage of life when the preconceptions and stereotypes related to gender can be transmitted more easily. Furthermore priority will be given to those who have fewer opportunities due to social, financial or cultural deficiencies, or related to a disability or to gender discrimination.



    “Water GHAims Eurocamp” mainly objective is to support equal opportunities in sport, as an important step toward a cultural change for gender equality. The project aims to raise awareness among young people and sports trainers on equal opportunities, and in particular on gender equality by transferring skills on how to organize sports activities devoid of stereotypes, educating and making more informed young people about the issue of gender diversity in sport.


    Meanwhile the program is expected to:


• Support the mobility of the teachers, trainers/coaches, volunteers and employees, collaborators, who are able to exchange experiences about methodologies and practices in training. Partners will also experience new cultures, new customs.


• Encourage the participation in sports and physical activities


• Promote social inclusion and equal access to sport


• Promote voluntary activities in sport


• Activate cooperation synergies with schools, Local Authorities, cultural, sports and volunteer work and involvement of schools, communities and social media


Expected Results

A multifaceted impact is expected on both the partners and the various stakeholders involved in the project, with a cascading effect on their communities: on a local, regional, national and international level.

It will contribute to develop positive attitudes and behaviors towards other people of different cultures, sharing fundamental values such as: respect, acceptance, tolerance and mutual improvement, discovering the diversity as a resource. The cooperation between the partner organizations and the stakeholders will widen the personal, cultural , professional and social horizons both of the direct participating and of their daily contacts: families, friends, colleagues, head managers, educators, administrative staff, social networks, people working for mass-media, territorial authorities, non-profit organization and professional associations. It is also a way to prevent stereotypes and prejudices. The virtual and most of all the physical mobility will be a significant non-formal occasion of learning and training, breathing some European air.

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